Conductive Yarn E-Textile Applications:

Syscom Technology Inc. is a leading developer and manufacturer of highly conductive yarns for the toughest engineering challenges. Our patented process enables us to produce durable, washable, and highly conductive metal yarns. We allow higher-performance applications with our conductive nylon.


Conductive Fibers

Through our special coating process, high-quality silver is firmly plated on the fibers providing a product with reliable conductivity, ensuring higher design engineering flexibility without compromising fiber quality or consistency. This technology enables more applications that demand higher conductivity levels than other solutions on the market.


Washable & Durable

Our products provide best-in-class metal adhesion and durability backed by our extensive in-house wash testing and analysis. Our cutting-edge coating technology produces the power you need with the durability you expect. End users can expect a longer life span without performance degradation from their products incorporating Agsis.

Flexible Nylon

A key benefit and a must for e-textiles is their ability to maintain electrical functionality after being bent, strained, or stretched. Agsis products show superior coating adhesion compared to leading competitors. Agsis has been designed to meet and exceed all industry standards.

About Syscom – The Future of Electronic Textiles.

We were first formed to develop, manufacture, and market conductive thread and metal yarns for demanding applications. The company is now a recognized leader in unique, high-performance conductive thread, filament yarn, and other innovative technologies.

Research and Development

Our electronic textiles team has unique abilities both in business and within its research & development. Not only do we offer proven, tested, and cutting-edge products of our own, but we also work with numerous companies to find specifically tailored solutions based on the industry’s needs.

Quality Policy

Ensuring quality and the product meets requirements is important. That’s why we take extra steps to ensure consistent quality. Not only do we rigorously test products to verify they meet customers’ requirements, but we also go the extra mile to ensure our own standards for quality. To ensure quality:

  • Production is handled by trained, professional technicians.
  • Regular quality control checks are performed, including the preservation of representative samples.
  • Product realization controlled.
  • Commitment to continual improvement.

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